A Clockwork Engineer



Tinycards is a new mobile application from the creators of Duolingo which is led by Luis von Ahn

The app helps to memorize anything with its simple UX. It has the same simplicty while creating a deck of flashcards. We have published some decks as A Clockwork Engineer which you can find on https://tiny.cards/users/olcaybayram. First, you should download the app to commence and it is free but it is only for iOS right now.


  • HTTP Verbs & Status Codes
  • Git Commands


It is not focused on languages like the similar applications like Memrise. Memrise has various categories but they don’t show them in the first place.

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Author: Olcay Bayram

A software enthusiast; currently a .NET Developer of an e-commerce Scrum team. Apart from the BSc, he holds a masters in information technologies.