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A personal summary of 2020

A personal summary of 2020

We experienced a year like never before. I tried to do what I could and stayed at home as much as possible while keeping my health and sanity well. I focused on self development and sharing the knowledge with others. Thanks to all healthcare and essential workers, they made it possible to do the stuff in the list below;

  • Finished an awesome course Harvard Introduction to Computer Science. It was mostly back to basics for me but a lot of fun and a few nice little details in programming. There are some updates in the course so I think I will do it again.

  • Wrote 6 new blog posts as you can see below. It is not much but still better than previous years.

  • Organized an online meetup Hacktoberfest Istanbul. I always wanted to do it but I was far from the community. I did not miss the chance to make it online.
  • Recorded a mini documentary about The Apollo Guidance Computer; Apollo 11. When a developer encounters some challenge, it is common to say that “It is not rocket science.” so I just wanted to see rocket science. Rocket science is not rocket science.

  • Passed 2 Microsoft exams Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. At the end of the year I just gave my knowledge a try with Microsoft exams and I could pass it with little preparation because I was already working on Azure for years. After passing the first one, I started to study for the second one and it was looking tougher. I passed it on the first try as well. I can write another post about how I prepared for those exams.