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Automate Microsoft Login

Selenium Webdriver With Javascript

If you have a protected website by Azure Active Directory, you need to pass Microsoft login first to run your functional UI tests.

I used both id and name locators for the elements and they have some weird naming. I am not sure but maybe the purpose is to prevent any bot attacks. We need to use driver.wait() method of the webdriver to wait until the element is found but with a timeout limit in milliseconds.

It is not a good practice to have animations on web but Microsoft Online login has some sliding animations. This causes another bad practice like sleeping the driver for the animation to be completed. Please, keep in mind never let the driver sleep(), but let her wait(). We do not have anything to wait for at this step, so I used driver.sleep() for 1 second. It is not preferred because it will add that duration to your test run no matter what.

module.exports = {

    elements: {
        usernameInput: by.id('i0116'),
        passwordInput: by.name('passwd'),
        submitButton: by.id('idSIButton9')

     * Sign in to Azure AD with the given credentials
     * @param {string} username
     * @param {string} password
    signin: function (username, password) {
        var locateTimeout = 1000; //in milliseconds

        var usernameElement = driver.wait(until.elementLocated(elements.usernameInput), locateTimeout);

        var passwordElement = driver.wait(until.elementLocated(elements.passwordInput), locateTimeout);

        driver.sleep(1000); //bad bad bad

        var submitButtonElement = driver.wait(until.elementLocated(elements.submitButton), locateTimeout);

        var staySignedInButtonElement = driver.wait(until.elementLocated(elements.submitButton), locateTimeout);

The purpose of this post is not anything related to hacking. This would help you to pass Microsoft login if you know the credentials already. If you do not know them, you cannot use this code to bypass any security measures.

The code is supposed to be used on a test environment to test your own software with automated UI tests.