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Freebies for Developers

Freebies for Developers

I have built my first websites on free hosting services like GeoCities and Tripod. I like to apply what I learned instantly and the main purpose of these kind of free services is providing an environment to try our new skills.

Here is a curated list of freebies for developers.

In general, they limit their target area to students but you can be a student at any age. Life-long learning is our motto of life right? After all those engineering bachelor and master’s, I am still a student of photography and cameraman.

Github Student Pack

You can access to this package on https://education.github.com/pack address and I think it is the most comprehensive one. The list is changing with the time but it still has a wide range of products. I suggest you to try all of them.

Microsoft Imagine (previously Dreamspark)

You can see the full product catalog on https://imagine.microsoft.com/en-us/catalog website. It is for generally Microsoft products with a range from tutorials to operating systems.


This was in the Github Student Pack list before. Now, you can through their webpage on https://www.jetbrains.com/student/ link. If you are a strudent then you can get a JetBrains certificate for every usefull product of JetBrains like ReSharper and WebStorm.


https://www.heroku.com/ is older than our modern cloud services. You can create your serverless web applications on their free tier services and by using free add-on on begining level. So that is ideal for development.


I saw https://www.pythonanywhere.com/ first on Django Girls Tutorial and I loved it. As you can understand from their name, their main purpose is to provide phyton hosting to anyone who wants it.


If you have a javascript project on Github, the size does not matter, you can publish it thorugh the free DNS service of https://js.org/ to have a nice domain name. One of the popular javascript libraries that are published like this is https://istanbul.js.org/

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash